Business Intelligence: Top 5 Articles and Resources of 2021

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If you’re new to business intelligence or just interested in learning more about this vital role, we’ve put together our list of the top five articles, blog posts, or resources about business intelligence to follow. This will help you better understand the role of business intelligence specialists and why it’s essential to companies. 

There are numerous resources on the internet discussing the area of business analysis. As a busy professional, it can be time-consuming to find the best ones that you can rely on. We also cover business intelligence as a directly aligned project management topic at PMWorld 360 Magazine, voted a top leadership and project management-centric online publication. We’ve rounded up our list of the top 5 business intelligence articles and resources for 2021 — although some of the best resources we’ve found may have been published earlier than 2020. 

What is business intelligence?

Organizations use business intelligence (BI), including business analytics, data mining and visualization, tools, and best practices to make data-driven decisions. 

What is the role of business intelligence in project management?

Business intelligence enables organization-wide visibility that can be used to drive change, eliminate obstacles, and adapt more rapidly to changes. It provides the processes and methods of collecting, storing, and analyzing data to optimize performance to create a comprehensive business view to help people make better, actionable decisions.

Top project business analysis articles and resources for 2021

 1. The art of project management and business intelligence

One of the key talents in the art of project management is identifying actionable business intelligence to gather information and drive project success. When used correctly, metrics and actionable information can be a thing of beauty as a Project Manager (PM) identifies a problem before it escalates, develops effective strategies, and manages the project past the potential obstacle. 

Actionable intelligence is at the heart of strategic management and provides insight into complex processes and environments through performance metrics. This article by Dr. Mark Bojeun discusses how Project management and business intelligence are both a science as well as an art form.

2. What is business intelligence? Transforming data into business insights

This article in is a comprehensive piece that shares information about business intelligence, provides examples of business intelligence, compares business intelligence to business analytics, and talks about business intelligence strategy. It also discusses self-service business intelligence, software and tools, the role of business analysts, and the future of business intelligence. 

3. Business intelligence (BI)

This article by TechTarget shares information about how business intelligence is defined, the goals, steps in the BI process, and the importance of business intelligence. The article also discusses the benefits of business intelligence and the types of business intelligence tools and applications available to companies. It includes a section on use cases and content about business intelligence vendors and markets.

4. What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Klipfolio shares its take on business intelligence in this article, which includes sections on the definition of business intelligence and BI software, how business intelligence is used, and organizational benefits of implementing business intelligence. There are also two sections called “How do I know when to use business intelligence for my business? and “What kind of businesses use business intelligence?” The article shares insight into the differences between business intelligence, competitive intelligence, and business analytics.

5. 5 powerful business intelligence tools that are reshaping PMOs

Top business intelligence experts have a well-developed knowledge of business requirements, how to extract the right data, and how it will be used to support business goals. This list of top business intelligence articles can provide you with the basics and technical information needed to get you on your way to being effective in the role and help improve team performance. See our other articles on business intelligence


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