Top 5 list for newbies: Agile and other project methodologies articles and resources

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Looking for top content and resources about Agile and other project management methodologies to help you better understand and determine the best methodology to use in your company? 

As a busy professional, it can be daunting to find top resources that you can rely on. Here at PMWorld 360 Magazine, voted a top leadership and project management-centric online publication, we’ve rounded up the top 5 project methodology articles, podcasts, and resources for 2020 — although some of the best resources we’ve found may have been published earlier than 2020. 

What is a project management methodology?

Project methodologies are a specific set of principles and processes that guide how your teams manage projects. The methodology you choose outlines how your teams will collaborate, complete work, and deliver results.

What is Agile?

Agile or Agile Methodology is a project management methodology that focuses on continuous improvement in the development of a product or service. These cycles are called “sprints.” The Agile Manifesto, which is a “formal proclamation of key values and principles that guide an iterative and people-centric approach to software development. Our articles and resources cover project management methodologies, processes, principles, software development, and more.

Top project management methodology articles, podcasts, and resources for 2020

Top 5 project methodology articles and blog posts

 1. Top 17 project management methodologies — and how to pick the best for success

Although updated in 2019, this article is a solid guide on choosing the right project management methodology for the job. CIO’s guide to evaluating project management methodologies will ensure you pick the perfect fit for your next project.

2. The 18 Top Project Management Methodologies to Use in 2020

With a rapid increase in the number of project management methodologies, selecting the right method can be fairly difficult. This article covers the types of methodologies and factors to consider when choosing a methodology.

3. How to select the right project management methodologies

Deciding on the best PM methodologies to use in your business is not a simple task. Here’s how your company can determine the most suitable methodologies for successful project execution.

4. Understanding Agile team member roles and responsibilities

Do you have a clear understanding of agile team roles, structures, and responsibilities? If not, here’s a quick look into how agile teams work together effectively.

5. Newcomers guide to blending Waterfall and Agile methodologies

Most companies today are moving away from traditional waterfall in project execution; instead, they are embracing more agile methodologies which first surfaced in software development teams. The main reason for this change is speed. Today’s marketplace demands constant change, instant access to information, and a laser focus. Who can afford to wait six months to twelve months for a first glimpse when executives need to see results today?

Top 3 project methodology podcasts

 1. Lean-Agile PMO

In this podcast, Cornelius Fichtner interviews Andy Burns about lean-agile PMO. In today’s “right now” business environment, “hurry up and wait,” annual planning cycles won’t do! To be fit for purpose, PMO processes deliver value faster than the competition—continuously, and certainly not just annually. Lean agility delivers this winning velocity! Here’s a diet to help lean out an overweight PMO.

2. All about Agile Methodology and Agile Project Management

Being an agile project manager means delivering on an iterative basis, demonstrating value at every point to ensure the end result is exactly what the customer expected. This is a comprehensive guide to Agile.

3. Agile in 3 Minutes

The author of this podcast describes it as the simplest podcast possible. Here you can learn about all of the most important Agile topics, with all the information compressed to three minutes. If you are new to Agile and don’t know where to start, Agile in 3 Minutes will certainly help you.

These lists will help you to improve your individual and team performance and deliver the results your stakeholders expect. See our other articles, podcasts, and templates on methodologies


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