Agile Methodology – Other Project Management Methodologies

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Stay on top of Agile and other project management methodologies, business analysis, requirements, KPIs, best practices, trends, and industry developments.

While there is no “best” project management methodology that works for all business types, sizes, or industries, there are ways to determine the methodology that is best to use and how it should be effectively applied. Identifying available project management methodologies (PMM) is one thing; assessing which one works best for a particular project is much more complicated. Here at PMWorld 360 Magazine, we share tips and best practices about methodologies and how to apply them in your projects to achieve success.


Choosing the right project management methodology for your team is the first step to success. But with so many different — and in some cases, overlapping — approaches to managing the complexities of any given project, how can you know which project management methodology is best?
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Identifying project requirements is a vital step in being able to accurately define the scope of a project. The success of a project can only be determined by comparing what a project actually produces as its deliverables against any approved requirements.


Business analysis planning determines how a business analyst will gather, analyze, and communicate requirements, as well as the deliverables to be developed. The business analysis approach outlines how a business analyst is going to execute the business analysis activities.


Executive oversight of projects can be challenging, especially for executives with little experience with projects. Many executives rise through the ranks of the operations side of the business, using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) monitoring the expenses, rework rates, marketing costs, and revenues.