Podcast with Cornelius Fichtner and Andy Burns | PMWorld 360 MagazineIn this podcast, Cornelius Fichtner interviews Andy Burns about lean-agile PMO. In today’s “right now” business environment, “hurry up and wait” annual planning cycles won’t do! To be fit for purpose, PMO processes deliver value faster than the competition—continuously, and certainly not just annually. Lean agility delivers this winning velocity! Here's a diet to help lean out an overweight PMO.

Transforming the heritage PMO takes insight, empiricism, and experience. The experience they share in this interview should inform those needing to deliver fast—before the competition! We compare and contrast the practices of the heritage PMO and the lean-agile PMO and illustrate a technique to tailor the PMO process. Listen to the podcast by clicking the green button below!

Source: Project Management Podcast

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