How To Adapt Strategy Execution To Market Disruptions

by PMWorld 360

As many companies grapple with how to move forward following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Planview releases their global benchmark study to help businesses adapt to the speed of change during business fluctuations. Find out more about how your company can better reach its strategic goals, even during times of uncertainty. Learn how your company can quickly adjust how it executes strategy to effectively and rapidly address market disruptions. Planview’s key takeaways hold the key to managing change effecively.

Over the past year, companies worldwide have been struggling under the weight of fall-out from various disruptions, especially the pandemic — and these disruptions seem to be the norm. These disruptions can directly hamper a company’s flexibility, dilute strategy, hinder execution, prevent effective, fast decision-making, and create more uncertainty.

According to a recent Planview global benchmark study, despite the uncertainty created by the pandemic, among other things, companies can successfully embrace uncertainty to adapt to the speed of change. The report shares these key takeaways and more to help business rapidly adapt strategy execution to market disruptions:    

  • Barriers to increasing agility and adaptability 
  • The Strategy Execution Index: Quickness + Quality in Adapting to Change
  • 5 Key processes required for successfully adapting strategy execution 
  • Best practices for accelerating strategy execution in uncertainty
  • Shifting mindsets, processes, and technology

For insights along with specific recommendations on how you can shift mindsets, processes, and technology for accelerating on-strategy and on-time delivery, download the report today! 





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