ProSymmetry Webinars: Risk Mitigation and PMO Resource Management

by Brand Post

ProSymmetry, a leading enterprise resource utilization software solution, is once again helping organizations manage scarce PMO resources amid skills shortages better and mitigate risks using resource-driven predictive analytics. 

Imagine if your organization or Project Management Office (PMO) could predict the future. No missed milestones or project deadlines, no budget overruns, just perfect project portfolio management every time. While no one can truly predict the future, improved portfolio risk mitigation is possible using resource-driven predictive analytics. Forward-thinking PMOs recognize the need for project decisions to be supported by data

Making decisions fast has never been more critical. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a shift in how fast organizations need to think; not just large organizations but also small businesses. How to think isn’t enough; being able to act with confidence is vital to the longevity of virtually every business across all industries. This means knowing how to read the data and act on it to reduce project portfolio risks — especially when addressing PMO resourcing with worldwide skills shortages.

ProSymmetry, a leader in enterprise resource utilization software, understands all too well these struggles that most businesses are facing post-pandemic. Their two new webinars can help your PMO with portfolio risk mitigation using resource-driven predictive analytics and Resource Management in a world of skills shortages.

August 3rd Webinar: Resource Management in a World of Skills Shortages

This webinar, hosted by Donna Fitzgerald, former Gartner PPM Analyst, and Greg Bailey, VP of ProSymmetry, covers:

  • How to properly resource the strategic portfolio with the right skills and the right people to deliver more, better, and faster.
  • Emerging data and thought leadership on skills shortages and what that means for your portfolio and pipeline.
  • The power of effective capacity planning and real-time “what-if?” modeling to increase adaptivity and agility.
  • The five competency steps that you can take to reach the goal of effortless resource management.
  • New techniques for adaptive intake and demand management.
  • Practical examples of exactly how to do it.

Resource Management in a World of Skills Shortages | PMWorld 360 Magazine


August 5th webinar: Portfolio Risk Mitigation Using Resource-driven Predictive Analytics

Register today and join Sean Pales, Founder and President of ProSymmetry, for a discussion that covers:

  • Understanding how to identify near, mid and long-term risks to your project portfolio and related strategies through the lens of resource management.
  • Techniques to better forecast and manage resources regardless of organizational maturity.
  • Utilizing advanced visualization to become a better communicator to the c-suite.
  • A walk-through of real-world examples of resource-driven predictive analytics.

Portfolio Risk Mitigation Using Resource-driven Predictive Analytics | PMWorld 360 Magazine


For those who register for the webinars in advance, recordings will be available after the session — so register now!

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