Setting up a PMO in 100 Days

by Cornelius Fichtner
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Setting up a Project Management Office (PMO) takes a significant amount of planning and time.

This team of project professionals establishes and maintains project management standards across an entire organization. They are responsible for directing all projects, defining and ensuring best practices are followed.

hussain bandukwala - Discusses how to set up a PMO in 100 daysIn this podcast, Cornelius Fichtner interviews Hussain Bandukwala about the steps involved in setting up a PMO in 100 days. Hussain Bandukwala has a passion for PMOs, and both write as well as speak about them. He is also the organizer of the  PMO Virtual Summit


In the podcast, whether it is realistic to set one up in 100 days, as well as the necessary skills and mindset leaders need to have in order to do this successfully. They also take their audience through the process of setting one up in 100 days, phase by phase.

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SOURCE: Project Management Podcast

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