Managing Multiple Projects

by Cornelius Fichtner

In this podcast, Cornelius Fichtner and Elizabeth Harrin discuss tips and tricks on how to master managing multiple projects.

If you are like most project managers out there, then you are likely managing more than one project. You have more than one ball in the air. You are juggling.

That means you will have to divide your attention between multiple projects. Keeping an eye on each of the balls as they are flying through the air. Experience helps, both with keeping three balls in the air and also with making sure you successfully complete all of the projects you are assigned to.

Over the last decade, Cornelius has published 458 episodes on The PM Podcast, and most of them qualify for free PMI PDUs.

In this recording, Cornelius is joined by Elizabeth Harrin and he picks her brain for tips, tricks on how to manage multiple projects.


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