Maximize Your Project’s First 21 Days

by Cornelius Fichtner
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Podcast Interview by Cornelius of Sara GallagherIn this podcast,  Cornelius Fichtner interviews Sara Gallagher about how to maximize the first 21 days of your projects. The ink isn't even dry on your charter, but what if the seeds of project destruction have already been sown? The odds are not in our favor.

The Project Management Institute (PMI)® reports that nearly 15% of projects are deemed failures. After years of helping companies "unstick" troubled projects, our guest knows that the first 21 days are critical to success. Learn how you can leverage them to beat the odds!

In the podcast, they look at the most common mistakes that project managers make in the first 21 days, how to correct them, and learn about critical but often overlooked objectives that must be achieved early related to project framing and team infrastructure.


Source: Project Management Podcast

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