Small steps you can take towards bigger environmental responsibility

by Elaine Jackson

Environmental responsibility should be factored into projects. Accountability means small steps towards big environmental responsibility. How we manage various industry-based projects and how we live day-to-day can create sustainable benefits.

We have all seen photos of trash by the roadside, trash in the water when we go whale watching in Massachusetts, and even the effects of plastics on the inhabitants of the seas where we go fishing.

It may be time to take a stand for what bothers us most, contamination, trash, inefficiency, and laziness to conserve more and preserve the conditions we need to live safe and healthy lives. To quote Eldridge Cleaver, “You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.”

How we manage various industry-based projects and how we live day-to-day can create sustainable benefits if we factor in these considerations.

  • Solutions more often, start with small actions.
  • Use products that can decompose completely or need to be reused.
  • Make suggestions at project meetings to order responsibly and reduce waste.
  • Make sustainable decisions when ordering fish and meat.
  • Consume what is in season.
  • Reuse materials that are permitted in your industry
  • Practice responsibly with decomposing.

What does this have to do with plastics in the sea? EVERYTHING!

Responsible behaviors start from always being conscious of everything you do.  Whether it is through managing projects, looking for an ideal location for a data center, at home running the shower for 45 minutes, when on vacation asking for clean sheets every morning, or even while traveling to other countries. Act in a manner that will demonstrate:

  • You are concerned about how you impact the safety of the environment.
  • You seek to improve conditions leading to the continued good health of our inhabitants (humans and animals).
  • You adhere to standards that prevent exploitation of others.
  • You are preventing activities that can lead to unethical or illegal behaviors.

Here is just a partial list of some actions taken and the driven results.



To get a clearer picture of how our work and home-life impacts the environment, watch some of these videos.

Endangered whales

Great Pacific Garbage Patch – Ocean Pollution Awareness

CBC News: South Africa currently rationing water because they are at critical points

A healthy sustainable planet and future is within our control and rests on each action and inaction.


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