Which is the Best College Degree for an Aspiring Entrepreneur?

by PMWorld 360

A college degree has the potential to unlock many opportunities throughout life, both personally and professionally, but deciding on which is the best area of study can be a confusing time, particularly for those who do not yet know which direction they want to take their career. 

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the allure of college is yet another stepping stone on their way to realizing their true ambitions in life. For others, the prospect of going to college offers up more than just a handful of unique challenges, and the timing may not always be right. 

College can provide you with so much more than just a qualification; however, (although that is nice), it is, in many ways, an all-encompassing experience that can shape an enthusiastic individual into an elite practitioner of the business fundamentals. 

Here are a few ideas for anyone hoping to get their college degree and start a rewarding new career. 


Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the adaptability of prestigious institutions, online courses are now as authentic and fulfilling as ever before, all while boasting an entirely remote curriculum. 

If you are already currently putting your entrepreneurial skills to the test as part of your day job, studying for an online MBA might be a fantastic way to go. 

MBA courses generally take a hands-on approach to their teaching schedule, incorporating real-life situations into case studies and group learning opportunities. 

If your career or family commitments mean you have very little time to direct elsewhere, an MBA might be able to offer you the freedom and flexibility you need to complete the course and not let your existing schedule suffer. 

It can be an enriching experience for those of you who feel like you are trapped in your career, like your prospects are nowhere to be seen, or if you want to meet exciting new individuals to share your ideas with. 

The multidisciplinary nature of most MBAs covers a great deal of ground for a well-rounded experience. You may get the chance to apply your course findings directly to your current job or even learn alongside your working day. 


Perhaps a painfully obvious choice, entrepreneurship is a program that might suit anyone with a natural flair for the discipline and who wants to hone their skills in an academic environment. 

You will likely learn about what it means to grow a business into a sustainable entity, identify market trends and utilize reasoning to make informed decisions. 

It is worth noting, however, many successful business owners do not have degrees in the field, as sometimes, being an entrepreneur comes naturally, and they would most likely benefit from a college degree in a different area of study. 

Conversely, anyone hoping to sharpen up their skills, meet like-minded people, or receive some expert guidance on their entrepreneurial journey may indeed benefit from the course. 


For those of you who wish to keep your keen eye on the bigger picture, assess the fundamentals of business science, and adopt an international mindset, economics is a fantastic degree to study. 

Big data is here to stay, so getting ahead of the game and working out how to put it to use in a business capacity might be a good idea. Anyone with a love for the countless ways in which you can apply data to help solve everyday problems, no matter how large or small, will likely find the course highly interesting. 

Economics connects closely with other business-related degrees, even completely overlapping at times with marketing, data analysis, and finance, to mention a few. You will no doubt learn a host of transferrable skills throughout your time on the course, which can be great news for any budding entrepreneur. 

Most (if not all) economics degrees can be intensely math-heavy, so if your focus in the world of business is more the person-centered element, or you would rather pull your hair out than revisit high school math, you may wish to check out the prospectus a few more times. 

It is by no means reduced to math alone, however, the degree is often exceptionally thorough and can help you gain a solid understanding of data in general. 


The study of human society throughout history is likely going to be a good degree to help out an aspiring entrepreneur.

Studying social sciences can be an extremely enlightening experience, as it helps expand the mind, open new opportunities for study and inform the way in which one interacts with contemporary society. 

Sociology covers a large number of areas relating to business, and the skills you will have a chance to develop are highly transferrable. You can generally expect to study parts of economics, marketing, data analysis, finance, psychology, and history. 

Anyone with a genuine interest in what shapes society as a whole will likely be thrilled with a course in sociology. Moreover, it might be able to provide you with a wonderful opportunity to create a sustainable and ethical business idea that slots perfectly into an untapped market. 


Understanding the human mind is possibly one of life’s oldest questions; this is where psychology has its routes and an area where many entrepreneurs need to concern themselves should they expect to convince anyone to get behind their business ideas. 

Psychology can be a fulfilling degree that lets you truly explore the mind through the lens of theory and academia. 

It may be able to greatly help you out with the marketing aspect of business while nurturing your ability to interact with potential customers, investors, and colleagues throughout your career. 

The ability to further understand human behavior can be a superb advantage in the world of business, from the ability to observe patterns in data analysis to predicting trends in certain markets. 

Do What You Love

If you feel as though you have the natural pull to become an entrepreneur and nothing will stand in your way, then it is worth remembering that the best degrees are the kind you are genuinely interested in. 


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