Project Knowledge Sharing for Innovation: Podcast

by Cornelius Fichtner

Benjamin Anyacho and Bruce Moore | PMWorld 360 MagazineIn this podcast, Cornelius Fichtner interviews Benjamin Anyacho and Bruce Moore. They discuss how to create/establish a robust knowledge-sharing environment intelligently, leveraging it for exponential growth, competitive advantage, and innovation.

Employees get 50-75% of their relevant information directly from other people. All project management begins with knowledge; one of the most critical organizational assets—intellectual capital—is held captive in the minds of individuals. How to capture, share, retain and reuse this knowledge is the greatest challenge facing organizations today.

In the podcast, they also look at intelligent approaches to managing competencies, capabilities, and critical knowledge assets of the organization strategies for converting, capturing, sharing, as well as ways to retain/reuse project knowledge to achieve innovative solutions and value.

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Source: PM Podcast


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