Project Business Is A Critical Corporate Success Factor

by Cornelius Fichtner

In this podcast, Cornelis Fichtner interviews Matt Mong and Henrik Lerkenfeld about how project business is a critical component of corporate success factor.

They look at the term project business from the perspective of a company. In the podcast, they discuss the central characteristics of project business, briefly talk about some challenges, and look at why productivity in project business is lagging behind other areas like manufacturing or retail.

So, what type of project are you currently working on? Is it an internal project, where your own company pays for everything, or is it an external project, where an external customer pays your bills? If you are part of the second group, then your project falls into what we call project business.

And now look at your company and the projects you deliver as a whole. Do you see mostly internal projects or external projects? Well… If your company’s products and services are delivered to your clients through projects, your company is a project business.

That means that the term project business is used to classify both individual projects and organizations as a whole. Both are project businesses. Confused? They can help.

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Source: Project Management Podcast


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