Paperback: LEAD OR LAG: Linking Strategic Project Management & Thought Leadership


Linking Strategic Project Management & Thought Leadership

Every business has immense value and potential, but unlocking it can be complicated, and not easily achievable without the right methodologies, people, technologies, and processes in place. Projects should be initiated and executed with a direct link back to overall company-wide strategic goals. 

For businesses, regardless of size, industry, demographics, structure, products or services, to become fully successful, strategic project management must always remain in focus.  The project and company leadership at the helm should strive to remain innovative, transformational and informed in order to make the best strategic decisions. 

For projects to optimally enable business activities, the short and long-term business strategy must always remain the primary goal. Thought leaders at the should strive to remain in an open state of continuous and deliberate improvement, innovation, and transformation to leverage the best available forward facing strategic options. 

This book is for all thought leaders seeking optimal ways to leverage leadership, planning, process, resource, and other higher-level strategic aspects of project management.


For thought leaders seeking insight into high-level strategic aspects of leadership, planning, processes, career, and resource topics benefiting anyone involved the business strategy and project management and leadership.  For:


  • Programm, portfolio, project managers and other leaders
  • C-Suites 
  • Business owners in companies of any size and industry
  • Human resource specialists 
  • Recruiters
  • Project management educators
  • Leadership coaches
  • Students and candidates
  • Project stakeholders
  • Consultants & anyone interested in strategy and project management
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