Performance Metrics and KPIs

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  • What is Project Management

    What is project management?

    Project management is an essential endeavor that can help companies of all sizes around the globe, in all industries, transform their businesses and effectively execute business strategy. Here are some of the project management basics as well as some of…

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  • Performance Metrics Matter But Project Team Members Matter More

    Don’t get lost in metrics, it’s still all about the people

    Performance metrics are incredibly useful to managers and business stakeholders by indicating progress, forecasting completion, identifying risks, and determining the effectiveness of a strategy. Truly intuitive metrics are a powerful tool in the project manager’s arsenal and can ensure that…

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  • Performance Metrics Build Trust

    It’s facts that build trust, not opinions

    Project dashboards reflect the health of a project through graphic indicators such as; the status, schedule, cost, health, etc. These are intended to quickly and easily provide visibility into the project for business owners and be aggregated across multiple projects…

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  • Why project metrics matter | PMWorld 360 Magazine

    Why project metrics matter

    Would you travel in a car across the country without a gas gauge, speedometer, map, and cash balance information? Many project managers attempt this trip by operating without the numbers needed to define progress, obstacles, financial rate, and performance of…

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  • onion skin diagrams and stakeholders

    Leveraging onion skin diagrams can bring tears of joy

    The use of simple, graphical tools in project management has become essential to ensure that stakeholders can easily and speedily know what they are reviewing. One such tool making its way back into our culture is the onion skin diagram.…

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  • The art of project management and business intelligence | PMWorld 360 Magazine

    The art of project management and business intelligence

    Project management and business intelligence are both a science as well as an art form. The processes identified and laid out in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) are comprehensive, yet every project does not require every process and,…

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  • Active project corrections vs. passive project corrections | PMWorld 360 Magazine

    Active project corrections vs. passive project corrections

    This article is about changing the project performance paradigm from passive corrections to more active ones. The approach is based in behavioral and neuroscience, toward implementing behavioral project management practices to actively improve project outcomes, planning, and forecasting. First, before…

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  • Part 2: KPIs for executive oversight | PMWorld 360 Magazine

    Part 2: KPIs for executive oversight

    Executive oversight requires a set of KPIs that will provide executives with information to make decisions at the corporate level, and ensure projects are being performed in a consistent manner with the proposals they have approved. To identify KPIs, we…

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  • Part 1: KPIs for executive oversight | PMWorld 360 Magazine

    Part 1: KPIs for executive oversight

    Executive oversight of projects can be challenging, especially for executives with little experience with projects. Many executives rise through the ranks of the operations side of the business, using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) monitoring the expenses, rework rates, marketing costs,…

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  • 2 Project oversight areas that warrant more executive focus | PMWorld 360 Magazine

    2 Project oversight areas that warrant more executive focus

    When it comes to project oversight, there are two areas on which executives should focus. Executives should focus on ensuring the project organizations have the systems, personnel, and resources needed to perform and manage the assigned projects, ensure the projects…

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