Advance Enterprise Adaptability and Agility with Changepoint

The business environment is rapidly changing these days, making it vital for organizations to remain adaptable, agile, and aligned to drive better business outcomes.

As a leading Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) provider, Changepoint has announced the release of several new product capabilities to enable business agility for enterprise organizations to readily adapt to market changes.

Changepoint has added these new capabilities to help executives and strategic leaders with that evolution. 

  • New Scenario Planning features that enable business leaders to be more adaptable and quickly ask ‘what-if?’ and evaluate the impact of initiative changes to time, budget, and resources. These features, now available in Changepoint Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), make it easy to continuously plan for an unpredictable future.
  • New self-service analytics capabilities that provide business people easy to use tools for faster, better decision making, including:
  • A new cloud-native Analytics Data Platform, powered by Snowflake that is purpose-built for analytics to make it easy to use and provides ubiquitous portfolio data to drive decision making agility. This is available now to Changepoint Project Portfolio Management (PPM) customers.
  • New direct connections to third-party business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and others that extend data insights for Changepoint PPM customers.
  • New Changepoint Analytics Interactive Dashboards will provide executives and stakeholders actionable insights to make business decisions that rapidly improve business performance.

As organizations struggle under the weight of constant change, remaining adaptable and agile helps align enterprise portfolios to drive better business outcomes.

Find out more about Changepoint’s new capabilities and access the solution finder.


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