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Room 214 Meets Coronavirus Disruption with Alternative Virtual Engagement Services

Helping Companies Get New Business Despite Canceled Conferences and Trade Shows.

Room 214, a digital marketing and growth studio, launches its Alternative Virtual Engagement (AVE) solution today, focused on helping companies salvage lead generation, personal networking and customer contact opportunities lost to event cancellations and social distancing caused by the coronavirus.

Room 214’s new offer comes at a time when global events, educational sessions, meetups, industry trade shows and massive conferences like South by Southwest are being widely canceled. As a company that’s helped its clients use digital channels for over 15 years to drive awareness and leads before, during and after physical events – Room 214’s AVE solution naturally meets an urgent, new demand in the market.

“Our first clue into how disruptive the coronavirus was becoming for businesses was when five clients contacted us within the same week, including a Fortune 100 company, to ask if we had ideas to reallocate marketing dollars for conferences they’d no longer be able to attend,” stated Jason Cormier, Co-founder of Room 214.

“We aren’t hyping an equivalent substitute for the value realized from in-person events, but the common use of several technology platforms and digital channels now empowers an alternative strategy for new product awareness, lead generation, and in-person networking.”

Room 214’s AVE solution is a packaged yet tailor-made set of services to help with:

  • Alternative Event Preparation: opportunity discovery, timeline, resource coordination
  • Content & Channel Planning: asset, messaging and content distribution strategy
  • Technology Support & Setup: webinar/chat/virtual platform(s) selection and integration
  • Networking & Nurturing: pre / during / after virtual event communications

About Room 214

Room 214 is a growth studio that applies its Coherence Marketing Framework to help companies become category leaders in their industries. Originally founded in 2004 as a digital marketing agency – the Boulder-based studio applies principles of category design, jobs-to-be-done, and product-market fit to drive exponential growth for B2B and B2C companies. Room 214 is a Google Premier Partner, Facebook Advertising Partner, HubSpot Gold Partner and publisher of the Amazon bestseller, Transformative Digital Marketing.

Source: PRWeb

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