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Izenda Partners With DigitalOcean To Help App Developers Easily Deploy & Integrate Analytics Capabilities Into Their Applications

SOURCE: PRWeb Press Release

Izenda’s leading embedded analytics platform is now available on DigitalOcean’s Marketplace of 1-Click Applications.

Izenda announced today its addition to cloud infrastructure provider DigitalOcean’s growing list of preconfigured 1-Click applications for app development, bringing data analytics to DigitalOcean’s community of over 3.5 million developers. As the demand for analytics and visual reporting grows, Izenda’s 1-click instance of its embedded BI tool on DigitalOcean’s marketplace allows app developers to integrate advanced analytics and ad hoc reporting capabilities more efficiently and easily into their applications than ever before.

Launched earlier this year, DigitalOcean Marketplace connects developers with easy-to-use partner-built solutions to enable easier app development, deployment and scaling. By automating the process of finding, testing and provisioning all of the software dependencies involved in app deployment, developers can spend less time thinking about infrastructure and more time creating modern apps.

“The use of DigitalOcean droplets is going to allow our customers to host and provision instances of Izenda with a significantly lower infrastructure cost, and in turn, decrease the average overhead of hosting costs,” says Technical Product Manager Seth Hutcheson. “For potential customers, that means doing a proof-of-concept is easy and accessible, allowing our analytics and reporting solution to reach more people.”

By accessing Izenda’s 1-Click app droplet, DigitalOcean users can bring self-service analytics to their application, speeding up time to market and boosting ROI. As Izenda continues to focus on bringing the potential of self-service reporting to users, it’s partnership with DigitalOcean connects next-generation developers and SMBs with the powerful data analytics and reporting necessary for modern app development.

“What we’re hearing is that the purported embedded analytics offered by SaaS BI options on the market today aren’t cutting it. Our customers require a self-hosted fully embedded solution for their application,” says Jaimi Panini, Izenda’s VP of Product. “So by launching Izenda on the DigitalOcean Marketplace, current and future customers can deploy a fully functioning, low-cost instance of Izenda within a matter of seconds, allowing them to get ad-hoc reporting into the hands of their customers that much quicker.”

Izenda’s addition to the DigitalOcean Marketplace is well-aligned with the company’s mission to extend the reach and availability of data analytics and reporting. As more businesses realize the potential of data-driven decision making, Izenda positions itself as a leader in user empowerment.

About Izenda

Izenda is an application-based intelligence provider that brings critical data insights to end-users across industries. Thanks to Izenda’s embedded BI solutions, businesses can natively integrate analytics into their applications while conserving development resources and reducing time to market. Learn more about Izenda at

About DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean and its Developer Cloud simplify modern app creation for new generations of developers — from individual developers to startups and SMBs. Its infrastructure and platform-as-a-service (IaaS and PaaS) solutions provide a “no DevOps required” experience, allowing developers to focus their energy on creating innovative software. For more information, visit




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