T1V ThinkHub 4.6 Introduces ThinkHub SmartGrids™, ThinkHub MultiSite Video Conferencing, ThinkHub MultiSite Sync, and ThinkHub Agile Templates

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T1V’s ThinkHub 4.6 release offers a variety of new features and add-on modules for its visual collaboration and active learning technology user base. This expanded offering continues to drive the core ThinkHub product forward, while also introducing a new set of add-on features that further advance collaboration for ThinkHub MultiSite and ThinkHub Agile users.

T1V announces the ThinkHub 4.6 software release, which includes additional Canvas tools to better visualize content on the massive ThinkHub digital workspace. The T1V team also continues to evolve its add-on features, with a focus on ThinkHub MultiSite and ThinkHub Agile capabilities to further advance these solutions for global and agile teams.

ThinkHub SmartGrids can be used to create Canvas layouts to view and present content in optimal sizing and alignment. Once the content is dragged into the SmartGrid drop zone, the content will expand to the max size of the grid. SmartGrids is part of the ThinkHub alignment toolset, designed to aid users in better organizing and visualizing content on the ThinkHub Canvas. Plus, it makes for a powerful presentation tool when utilizing ThinkHub or any variation of ThinkHub, like ThinkHub xCanvas, to present highly visual content to teams.

ThinkHub MultiSite now features built-in video conferencing (MultiSite VC), making MultiSite meetings more seamless than ever. In addition to sharing a Canvas, MultiSite VC supports audio and video for ThinkHub MultiSite participants across up to ten connected locations at a time.

To enable MultiSite VC, current MultiSite customers can simply plug in a USB camera/microphone to their ThinkHub. When in the ThinkHub MultiSite session, participants can navigate to the Menu and toggle on ‘Videoconference Mode.’ Connected MultiSite VC participants will appear in a column on the right side of the Canvas.

ThinkHub MultiSite Sync is another feature developed for the MultiSite customer base, now enabling sites to ‘lead’ MultiSite sessions by inviting other locations to sync with their current view. This ensures that all MultiSite locations – up to ten at a time – can view and operate within the exact same area of the Canvas at the same time. Locations can switch who is the lead throughout the MultiSite session, and each location has the ability to control who is ‘Synced’ and who is not.

Finally, ThinkHub Agile Note Templates are designed to cover basic ThinkHub Agile workflows and ceremonies. The standard Agile Note Template bundle includes Capability, Feature, Story, Retrospective, and Theme, and is now available to ThinkHub Agile users.

All Agile templates can integrate directly with agile system of record software like CA Rally or JIRA. ThinkHub Agile users can upload/download CSV data files between their system of record software and ThinkHub, removing the need for someone to manually capture and update this information in two places. What’s more, Agile Note Template content can be searched and filtered using the Group Search feature, meaning participants can easily distill and analyze notes quickly and effectively on the ThinkHub Canvas.

For additional details on ThinkHub 4.6 and how these updates impact you, please contact your T1V Sales Rep or schedule a demo at http://www.t1v.com/schedule-a-demo.

About T1V

T1V is a visual collaboration company specializing in multitouch, multiuser software for enterprise and education markets. The company’s collaboration platform includes ThinkHub® multitouch collaboration, ViewHub™ wireless presentation, and AirConnect™ mobile app – all working cohesively to support a seamless, intuitive user experience for both in-room and remote participants. T1V’s suite of collaboration software represents total meeting room solutions that replace much of the hardware we equate meeting room technology with today.

T1V ThinkHub Connect™ active learning technology is designed to support a variety of teaching and learning styles, from traditional lecture to team problem-solving and group-based work. The solution also supports collaboration between students located at off-site locations and allows easy content sharing between remote locations.

All T1V solutions are Built for BYOD™ (bring your own device) to support the many devices, programs, and platforms of today’s meeting and learning environments. T1V is a leading innovator in large-scale, interactive software technology, with four issued patents and two patents allowed in multitouch, multiuser software.

To learn more, visit t1v.com.


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