Group Salus Launches Cybersecurity Reputation Risk Assessment

SOURCE: PRWeb Press Release

First Of Its Kind Online Tool Helps Small, Medium-Sized Businesses Determine Readiness To Protect Their Reputations If They Suffer A Cyberattack.

Group Salus today announced an online Cybersecurity Reputation Risk Assessment – believed to be the first of its kind – to help small and medium-sized businesses identify vulnerabilities in their abilities to communicate to key stakeholders and protect their reputations after a cyberattack.

Available on the Group Salus website, the assessment is a step-by-step questionnaire that will be analyzed by Group Salus experts to determine company’s cyber reputation risk from high-vulnerability to low vulnerability as well as provide some basic counsel on areas the organization should focus on to improve their public response after a breach.

Most experts believe small to medium-sized businesses are the next major wave of targets for cyber criminals. A report by the Ponemon Institute found that 47 percent of small and medium-sized businesses have no understanding of how to protect their companies from cyberattacks.

“Most small and medium-sized businesses are completely unprepared for managing the reputational risk and brand/business damage related to a cyber crisis,” said Scott Marticke, Group Salus founder. “About 43 percent of cyber-attacks target small business and 63 percent of them are out of business within six months of an attack. “

Marticke noted that since most small and medium-sized businesses lack in-house marketing resources or access to external marketing and communications counsel, they are ill-prepared for a significant cyber event. “What are you going to say to your customers? Marticke asked. “How will you respond to media inquiries? You cannot defend your company in response to a cyber-attack unless you have a communication strategy in place; one that works in tandem with your cybersecurity technology plan.”

In addition to the online assessment, Group Salus is also offering a range of cyber reputation management plans and tools that can be customized according to the size and scope of a business. “We have a team of experts that can help any small and medium-sized business create the tools and materials they will need to defend their reputations after a cyber attack at a very reasonable cost, particularly compared with larger marketing and communications consulting firms,” said Marticke.

An Atlanta-based startup, Group Salus is developing the first crisis management software system specifically focused on organizing the response process by developing communications strategies and tools to address a cyber-attack for small to medium-sized business.

Group Salus’ new technology platform is designed to make it easy for small to medium-sized businesses to develop the communications strategy, tactics, and materials to address a cyber-breach. The cloud-based platform will enable users to self-audit, generate a step-by-step communications plan, create key stakeholder contact list and utilize templates to produce a host of materials including press releases, media statements, etc. The company also offer a range of consulting services.

Marticke and his co-founders, Mark Goldman, and William Marks have more than 100 years of combined marketing, branding and corporate communications experience. Marticke has worked for a host of major advertising companies. In 2009, he co-founded online research company Sentiment360. Goldman has held leadership positions at three major advertising agencies and served as the chief marketing officer for one of the country’s leading appliance manufactures. Marks has been the chief communications officer for two technology companies, headed the Atlanta office of a major national public relations firm and served as the deputy managing director of communications for the Atlanta Committee for Olympic Games.

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