How to Ensure Long-Term Project Success


Interview Between Cornelius Fichtner and Eleonore Pieper | PMWorld 360 MagazineIn this podcastCornelius Fichtner interviews Eleonore Pieper about how to ensure the long-term success of your project. Successful projects result in change. However, this transformation usually happens when the original project team is already disbanding, leaving the process largely unmanaged and stakeholders ill-equipped to use the deliverables as they were intended, diminishing the expected project impact and benefits.

In the interview, they explore five strategies that project managers can easily incorporate into their project plans to put in place preventative and mitigation strategies that will lead to improved adoption of project results.

They look at a scalable model of five strategies for change and discuss how to modify plans with specific tasks in the areas of communication, training, organizational design, sponsorship, and HR management to ensure successful post-project transformation.

Source: Project Management Podcast

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