15 Remote Jobs with $100K+ Salaries

Source: Flexjobs

One of the most common myths about remote jobs is that they’re all low-level or low-paying. The reality, though, is that there are many professional-level, high-paying, high-quality remote jobs. Flexjobs highlights 15 of those remote jobs with salaries of $100,000 or more, hiring now.

Are you considering a new job? You’re not alone—it’s a great time to make a change. With wages, salaries, and benefits rising at the fastest rate in a decade, many workers are leveraging the tight labor market to explore new job opportunities. In fact, according to a new survey, most workers making more than $100,000 are planning to quit their jobs within a year.

The number of people who have quit a job due to lack of flexibility has also doubled from 17% in 2014 to 34% in 2018. Given this environment, FlexJobs has identified 15 remote jobs with annual salaries of $100,000 or more to help job seekers explore the variety of six-figure remote positions available in today’s professional job market.

15 Remote Jobs with Salaries of $100,000 or More

Each of the 15 jobs listed, ordered by highest-paying, meets the following criteria:

  • The job is a full-time position.
  • The job offers remote work options.
  • The job is professional-level, requiring advanced experience and education.
  • The job pays at least $100,000 annually, according to the actual job posting from the company.
  • The job was actively listed in the FlexJobs database as of November 12, 2018.

1. State Health Associate Commissioner

Salary listed: $160,000

Related work-from-home job titles: Public Health District Director

2. Business Development Director

Salary listed:$150,000

Related work-from-home job titles: Director of Business Development; Business Development Manager; Associate Director – Business Development

3. Mobile Lead

Salary listed:$150,000

Related work-from-home job titles: Mobile Developer; Mobile Engineer; Mobile App Developer

4. Technical Lead – Android or iOS

Salary listed: $140,000–$200,000

Related work-from-home job titles: Android Engineer; Android Application Development Advisor; Senior Android Engineer

5. Curriculum Lead

Salary listed: $130,000–$150,000

Related work-from-home job titles: Curriculum Development Specialist; Managing Editor – Mathematics Grades K-8; Director – Product Marketing, K-12 Literacy

6. User Researcher

Salary listed:$130,000–$150,000

Related work-from-home job titles: User Experience (UX) Researcher; Qualitative User Experience Researcher; Senior User Experience Researcher

7. Deputy CIO for Information Security and Operations

Salary listed:up to $125,000

Related work-from-home job titles: Senior Information Security Engineer; Lead Information Security Engineer; Information Systems Security Officer; Director of Security and Data Privacy

8. Venture Fund Senior Tax Accountant

Salary listed: $120,000–$200,000

Related work-from-home job titles: Director of Business Tax Audit; Senior Tax Accountant; Certified Public Accountant – Trader Tax Compliance

9. Lead Data Engineer

Salary listed:$120,000–$160,000

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