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Award-Winning Author and CEO Urges Leaders to Spend More Time Supporting Frontline Employees

Award-Winning Author and CEO Urges Leaders to Spend More Time Supporting Frontline Employees

Source: PRWeb

CEOs and other C-suite leaders must spend more time on the frontlines – the factory and office floors – of their companies, according to Lantech CEO Jim Lancaster, author of the Work of Management, winner of the Shingo Institute’s Publication Award.

“Leaders must spend more time supporting frontline employees if they want satisfied customers, consistent growth, and sustainable continuous improvement efforts,” Lancaster said after receiving the award.

The book, published by the nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute, is a business success story on two levels:

  • a close-up, candid look at Lancaster’s personal transformation as a leader and
  • an in-depth account about the company’s lean management success, relapse, and come back.

The Shingo Institute, part of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, presented Lancaster with the award April 11, 2018, at its annual conference.

Lancaster called the award “an honor for me and everyone on the Lantech team whose dedication and willingness to try and fail, then try and fail again, until successfully establishing this new business system.”

In his remarks, Lancaster noted that earlier the same day he had conducted his regularly scheduled Walk Around Review, part of a daily management system designed to catch and correct frontline problems immediately. The review process takes leaders on a regular cycle of focused standup meetings with frontline employees in every department of Lantech’s plant near Louisville, KY.

Profitable Continuous Improvement 
The Work of Management describes Lantech’s daily lean management system in detail in a practical but inspiring story of how the maker of stretch wrapper machines quadrupled profitability by making lean continuous improvements stick.

The book asserts that 60 to 90 minutes of daily, standardized management activities at the frontlines are a CEO’s most important minutes of the day and are the real work of management because of how they grow a business.

About Lantech 
Lantech is known as the leader in stretch wrap technology and innovation, as well as case handling equipment. It has sales and manufacturing headquarters in Louisville, sales and manufacturing facilities in The Netherlands, and sales and service operations in Australia and China. Annual gross sales exceed $130 million.

About Lean Enterprise Institute 
Founded in 1997, Lean Enterprise Institute Inc. (LEI), is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Cambridge, MA, with a mission to make things better through lean thinking and practice. LEI conducts research, teaches educational workshops, publishes books and ebooks, organizes conferences, and shares practical information about lean management at


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