The Launch of PMWorld 360 Digital Magazine is a Truly Inspiring Story


The Launch of PMWorld 360 Digital Magazine Is A Truly Inspiring Story


Seattle, WA/ Langley, BC – March 27, 2018 – Media recognized project management expert and writer Moira Alexander announces the launch of a new digital project management magazine, PMWorld 360. The magazine will focus on project management and its impact within multiple industries. PMWorld 360 provides readers with a comprehensive, 360-degree look at project management and execution from certified and experienced project management experts.

PMWorld 360 has a truly inspiring story. A highly accomplished professional in her field, several years back Alexander interrupted her career to care for her youngest daughter when she suddenly became very ill. After her daughter was hospitalized for over two years without answers, Alexander and her husband relocated their family to work with a team of physicians to identify the ultra-rare illness and advocate for the best treatment options.

Little did she know that over those few years her life would become further complicated in every aspect, forcing her to transform her work life to allow her to help her now special needs adult daughter. Alexander leveraged her project management training and experience to redefine her career, take her family in a new direction, and get life back on track.

From there she started Lead-Her-Ship Group, a digital B2B and B2C content writing business for digital media publishers and companies.

Since founding Lead-Her-Ship Group, she has authored multiple project management books and articles. While doing so, she saw the need for a digital project management publication with a complete focus on project management. Thus PMWorld 360 was born. The contributing experts to the publication are a diverse, all-star team of experienced PMI (Project Management Institute)-certified experts with impressive, diverse and extensive backgrounds.

“I realized there was a need for a digital publication that could provide focused project management content offering a 360-degree view of project management — through the eyes of PMI certified and experienced project managers,” said Alexander.

Project management isn’t just a process associated with large corporations. Whether a company is constructing a new building or developing a new application, each project relies on a project management system to ensure the goal is achieved. PMWorld 360 provides strategic information, techniques, and methods for the management of projects that encompass any size and scope. The publication offers a 360-degree view of project management through articles, templates, podcasts, videos, news and industry developments, and other resources — all created by PMI-certified experts.

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