How to be a great project leader

Project management certifications and training, in general, focus heavily on the technical knowledge and project phases, but there’s still so much more to being a successful leader. Do you have the necessary soft skills to be a great project leader? Here, Moira Alexander shares what decades of experience have taught her.

Many challenges confront today’s project managers — new technologies, remote workforces and a global market to name a few. To take a project from inception to finish can be grueling and you’ve got to have great dedication and skills if you’re going to be successful. But what sets apart good project managers (PMs) from the truly great ones? What does it take to go from being the manager of projects to a game-changing leader? Here are six skills the great PMs share.

Become a customer relationship management expert

Develop positive mutually aligned connections with stakeholders: The first thing any project leader should work on is developing a positive relationship or connection with key stakeholders and project sponsors within an organization. Simply jumping into a project and bypassing this step can elevate risks right out of the gate and could further increase communication gaps down the road. Being able to understand the perspective, experience and resulting behaviors of the primary players helps to create a platform for improved communication and reduces friction.

Develop an understanding of a specific business and its needs: It’s not important to know every detail there is to know about a customer’s industry; however, making an effort to research key facts, norms and challenges demonstrates sincere interest as it relates to potentially unique business needs. After all, how can you sell any company on the benefits of your skills as a PM without understanding potential challenges, opportunities, and impacts to their business? Once you are able to clearly articulate that you understand their obstacles and their needs, it’s less of an uphill battle selling the benefits of a project and alleviating fears.

Pay attention to the big picture, but don’t miss the details: The ability to see the broader picture yet not skip over the details is another skill that enables good project leaders to become great project leaders. Being able to connect the dots from start to finish, all the while keeping the higher-level end goal in sight is a valuable skill that offers organizations peace of mind. Organizational leadership simply doesn’t have time to ensure project leaders are on top of things. These leaders rely heavily on a project manager to understand their business needs and goals, and also navigate project tasks and milestones with minimal guidance.

Don’t just manage teams — motivate and influence them

Motivate people

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